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Rules 2021

| Rules


- The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities and will take place exclusively online in the period between 25 September and 10 October 2021.
- The Selections will take place through the sending by the candidates of their registrations according to the characteristics indicated in this Rules.
- There are two sections (soloists and four-hands piano duo) and seven categories;
- Members of the Jury cannot present Candidates whom they have taught on a continuous basis in the two years preceding the the beginning of the Competition. ;
- For C and D categories, is re uired memory execution;
- All works performed must be published;
- Competitors cannot appeal against the decision of the Jury, the Artistic Committee and the Organizing Committee.


Solists Section
Kids from 2013 € 50,00
A 2012, 2011 € 50,00
B 2010, 2009, 2008 € 50,00
C 2007, 2006, 2005 € 65,00
D 2004, 2003 € 70,00

Four-hands piano duo Section
E dal 2008 € 80,00
F 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 € 100,00

It is possible to register for only one category for each of the two Sections.
Enrollment in a category higher than that of belonging is allowed.


The Organizing Committee reserve the right to amend any of the rules or regulations contained herein if it is considered necessary to ensure the proper running of the Competition.
Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the rules and regulations of the VIPC, the decision of the Organizing Committee will be final and not subject to any appeal and the Italian version of the text will the only to be considered.
The rights of any nature relating to the Competition Rehearsals (audio / video recording, recordings, photographic services, streaming, radio or television broadcasts) are owned by the Associazione Musicale Liszt 2011 and do not give the Candidates the right to any compensation..
Submission of the Application form for the competition implies consent to the above.


Registration is open from August 28 to Semptember 18 2021 exclusively online by completing the form in the Application page..
The registration fee is fully refundable only and exclusively upon resolution of the Organizing Committee in the event of cancellation of the Competition or of one of the categories (against a number of participants deemed insufficient).
The application form must be accompanied by:
1. Copy of an identity document or passport (formats .pdf, .png, .jpg);
2. A recent high-resolution photograph (formats .png o .jpg);
3. Release form for the processing of personal data and the dissemination of audio and video material (signed by a parent or guardian);
4. Link to the video for the Test (to be uploaded on the YouTube digital platform).

Only video recordings that meet the following characteristics will be taken into consideration:
- Only video recordings that meet the following characteristics will be taken into consideration;
- Hands and face always visible;
- Audio editing is not allowed. However, multi-camera framing is allowed;
- Registrations must not be prior to 2019.

Registrations made according to the indications in the table below are allowed:

Kids - soloists Admitted Admitted Admitted
A - soloists Admitted Admitted Admitted
B - soloists Admitted Admitted X
C - soloists Admitted X X
D - soloists Admitted X X
E - piano duo Admitted Admitted X
F - piano duo Admitted X X

| Musical program

Kids - soloists open choise of works max. 6 min.
A - soloists open choise of works max. 8 min.
B - soloists open choise of works max. 12 min.
C - soloists open choise of works max. 18 min.
D - soloists 1. A Studio/Etude with a brilliant character
2. open choise of works to completion
max. 25 min.
E - piano duo open choise of works max. 15 min.
F - piano duo open choise of works max. 25 min.

| Prizes

- The Jury will cast its vote in hundredths. The final grade will be the expression of the arithmetic average of the votes of the individual Jurors;
- The merit rankings will be announced and published on the competition website during the live streaming of the VIPC Final Test on October 10, 2021;
- The prizes will be awarded according to the following table:

95 - 100 1st Prize First Prize Diploma
90 - 94 2nd Prize Second Prize Diploma
85 - 89 3rd Prize Third Prize Diploma
80 - 84 4th Prize Fourth Prize Diploma

It will be sent a certificate of participation to all not-abarded competitors that will ask for to the Secretary of the Competition.

The candidate who has obtained the highest score among the winners of the First Prize in their category will be awarded the title of Absolute First Prize.

Kids - soloists € 100,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
A - soloists € 200,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
B - soloists € 300,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
C - soloists € 500,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
D - soloists € 1.000,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
Concert Award for VeronaFestival
E - piano duo € 500,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma
F - piano duo € 800,00 and Absolute First Prize Diploma

All prizes can be awarded ex-aequo and the related scholarships will be divided equally among the winners.

| Jury

The Jury will be announced later.

Roberto Pegoraro

artistic director

Daniel Rivera


Salvatore Spanò


Edoardo Strabbioli


| Calendar

saturday 28 August

Application opens

saturday 18 September

Application closes

saturday 25 September

Start of the work of the Jury

saturday 2 October

End of work by the Jury

sunday 10 October

Publication and Announcement of the winners in live streaming